Cameo Vizslas


Happy Halloween   2013






                  Cameo's This Girls On Fire "Glitter"       Ch. Cameo's For Ever Vida "Vida"



Ch. Cameo's Wild Gipsy of Seville JH

"Carmen  and  Tabasco puppies



 Cameo's Curtin Call and  Emilia  the new addition


JB & Synandra

                                                         High Five   Judi  !!!                   


                                                Ch. Cameo's Spark of Fire Mountain JH   &   Hudson puppies



Cameo's  Red Fire Canyon


Cameo's In Her Majesties Secret Service




            Pictured the Four Trinity puppies

                 Judit, Sunnie,Vida & Roscoe





Father & Daughter  Giles & Trina at Nationals 2012

Champion Cameo's Moon Shadow "Daughter"

Champion Szizlin Rivervew Giles of Gilford  "Father"

Handlers Richard Bennington Grant and Henry Grant


 The Vizsla Gang at Bryn Mawr


Cameo's Raven Reviews

Cameo's Raven Reviews

Lauren Counts & Mary Nationals 2012 Reminding us why we breed Vizslas



Wyatt and Daughter Hanna


Max and Skylar



Summer 2010

Cameo's Hibiscus Flower ( Lexi)


I am The Princess of this house

Winter 2010




Fall 2009


                      Emma Black & Keepier Growing up Together !    



                                                      Summer 2009



Fun in the Sun for

      Cameo's Mackenzie Canyon



Tucker at the Beach

Santa's Helpers

Santa's Helpers


The New York Girls going out on the Town

                                   Happy Halloween

             Cameo's Nittany Pride " Nittany" 

                     (Wyatt-Spirit 2007)


Summer 2008

Which Child digs the fastest !


Cameo's Joyful Missy (Wyatt-Candy 2007)

Parker (Wyatt- Zoe Pup)


All Children must wear life Jackets in the Chesapeake Bay !


Macie (Spirit & Wyatt) on Vacation


Lulu in Canada

Holly (Spirit & Wyatt)

Copper & Family (Trinity & Titan 2007)


Winter 2008

Table Ornament


Out on a log


Fun In the Sun  Summer 2007

Mia & Paige Bowman (Spirit-Wyatt) 2007

Rikka & Rez's  At the Garden Gate (Rikka a Wyatt Daughter) Summer 2007

Vader (Wyatt-Spirit) & Family Staying Cool

Liberty (Spirit-Wyatt)  & the Turtle Find

"Mr. Hollywood" aka Tabasco


Yovonne & Cassidy 1992



Abby & Cricket "Can we go shopping"?

Emmy & Morgan "I shouldn't have eaten that extra piece of pizza"!

Which one is different? Correct, the far left child is a boy!

K 80 Katie & Libby 6 months


Falcon & Spirit puppies

Trinity 2004 four months old